Are You An Aspiring Makeup Artist

I started Beauty Blueprint because I get asked daily “How Did You Do It” branding myself in the beauty industry without an Agent, Manager, or Publicist. So, after flirting with the idea of teaching my secrets to other makeup artists & hair stylists, I decided to share my blueprint. Consultations will always take place through Skype or Facetime. I’m excited about it because so many people who love beauty are living in smaller markets who want to work in the industry but have no clue where to begin. Beauty Blueprint is a one-on-one meeting where I coach the business side and how to work in the industry and be in demand in your city. Not everyone can afford to travel to New York and California to follow their dreams or attend a makeup school. This is their opportunity to learn what to do. There is no quick contact list of names. It’s a business class…no makeup & hair will be taught. Sometimes I get artists and stylists that feel like they’re in a rut and need help growing. I also get calls from people who are scared to take that leap and follow their dreams. They can book 1-3 hours or a package with me to help them become successful. You can book with me as often as you need to with me at their own pace. The client is in charge with what they want to learn, no unnecessary curriculum. Each session is customized to fit each person’s needs. And that is just part of what Beauty Blueprint offers, I also will do consultations for personal beauty clients and quick Q &A beauty.

I, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, am a New York and Connecticut Makeup Artist. A native New Yorker, who has worked at Estee Lauder in New York, the first M.A.C. Cosmetics counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans, and owned and operated my own makeup boutique BGD Beauty Bar in New Orleans. In demand as a freelance makeup artist, I relocated back to New York. As a New York Makeup Artist, I have always been moving between celebrity clients, red carpet events, fashion shows, and various makeup assignments. I have worked with: Kerry Washington, Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Kim Kardashian, Malin Ackerman, Angela Bassett, Khloè Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, and Usher. Gomez-Duplessis is the NBA All Star Weekend Key Makeup Artist. I have also worked assignments such as: The Golden Globes, The Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, Project Runway /Project Runway All Stars, The Oprah O! You Tour, and for at the Essence Music Festival.

It is with this industry and beauty knowledge that I wanted to create Beauty Blueprint. To share my knowledge and passion for beauty as well as my passion to coach and teach. Connecticut makeup artist we can also Skype if you’reto far for in erson sessions.  If you know of a aspiring makeup artist or a freelance makeup artist share thos post with them.

Thank you and welcome to my #BeautyBlueprint #BSquared

All Beauty Blueprint sessions are designed directly for every client and constructed around personal or professional expectations. In other words, we listen to what you want and what you know and build a lesson plan around that using our curriculum as a base. Consultations targeting Industry Beauty insight or Personal Beauty and the accompanying General Beauty would consist of open forum lessons with topics and discussions to help achieve your beauty results

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