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Are You An Aspiring Makeup Artist

I started Beauty Blueprint because I get asked daily “How Did You Do It” branding myself in the beauty industry without an Agent, Manager, or Publicist. So, after flirting with the idea of teaching my secrets to other makeup artists & hair stylists, I decided to share my blueprint. Consultations will always take place through Skype or Facetime. I’m excited about it because so many people who love beauty are living in smaller markets who want to work in the industry but have no clue where to begin. Beauty Blueprint is a one-on-one meeting where I coach the business side and how to work in the industry and be in demand in your city. Not everyone can afford to travel to New York and California to follow their dreams or attend a makeup school. This is their opportunity to learn what to do. There is no quick contact list of names. It’s a business class…no makeup & hair will be taught. Sometimes I get artists and stylists that feel like they’re in a rut and need help growing. I also get calls from people who are scared to take that leap and follow their dreams. They can book 1-3 hours or a package with me to help them become successful. You can book with me as often as you need to with me at their own pace. The client is in charge with what they want to learn, no unnecessary curriculum. Each session is customized to fit each person’s needs. And that is just part of what Beauty Blueprint offers, I also will do consultations for personal beauty clients and quick Q &A beauty.

I, Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, am a New York and Connecticut Makeup Artist. A native New Yorker, who has worked at Estee Lauder in New York, the first M.A.C. Cosmetics counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans, and owned and operated my own makeup boutique BGD Beauty Bar in New Orleans. In demand as a freelance makeup artist, I relocated back to New York. As a New York Makeup Artist, I have always been moving between celebrity clients, red carpet events, fashion shows, and various makeup assignments. I have worked with: Kerry Washington, Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Kim Kardashian, Malin Ackerman, Angela Bassett, Khloè Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, and Usher. Gomez-Duplessis is the NBA All Star Weekend Key Makeup Artist. I have also worked assignments such as: The Golden Globes, The Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, Project Runway /Project Runway All Stars, The Oprah O! You Tour, and for EssenceMagazine.com at the Essence Music Festival.

It is with this industry and beauty knowledge that I wanted to create Beauty Blueprint. To share my knowledge and passion for beauty as well as my passion to coach and teach. Connecticut makeup artist we can also Skype if you’reto far for in erson sessions.  If you know of a aspiring makeup artist or a freelance makeup artist share thos post with them.

Thank you and welcome to my #BeautyBlueprint #BSquared

All Beauty Blueprint sessions are designed directly for every client and constructed around personal or professional expectations. In other words, we listen to what you want and what you know and build a lesson plan around that using our curriculum as a base. Consultations targeting Industry Beauty insight or Personal Beauty and the accompanying General Beauty would consist of open forum lessons with topics and discussions to help achieve your beauty results

Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Teaches Everything Beauty With Beauty Blueprint

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis and Kerry Washington at Sundance Film Fest

I get asked daily “How Did You Do It” as far as branding myself in the beauty industry as a Celebrity Makeup Artist without an Agent, Manager, or Publicist. After flirting with the idea of sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas with other makeup artists & hair stylists, I decided “Why not” share my beauty blueprint.

Beauty Blueprint.jpgBeauty Blueprint is a consultation service to provide answers, suggestions, and lessons on anything to do with beauty. My consultation will always take place through Skype or Facetime in the comfort of your own home. I’m excited about it because so many artists & stylists that are living in other states who do not have the budget to travel to meet with me will find this setup convenient. I remember when I started out, I didn’t have a mentor to guide me with the business side. A lot of the business women I looked up to were either in New York, LA, or Europe. I learned a lot of my business acumen through trial and error. I didn’t know what pictures to use in my portfolio, or on my own website. I didn’t know how and what to charge clients, or how to market myself. I wanted to work in the beauty & entertainment industry but had no clue where to begin. 21 years later I am sitting down helping others with their passion of being a successful makeup artists and hair stylists. This is their opportunity to pick my brain to learn what to do, even if they are already working but find themselves in a rut. I don’t just give someone a contact list of names, it’s a business. Clients can book time with me at their own pace, with questions that they have. If they want to just learn what items they need in their kit, how to do invoices, how to market themselves, or product questions, Beauty Blueprint can provide insight. The client is in charge with what they want to learn, no unnecessary curriculum. Each session is customized to fit each client’s needs. Makeup school teach how to do makeup but as a Celebrity Makeup Artist you are learning from someone who is in the business. I teach what a school cannot…experience, clients will learn first hand from a successful makeup artist.

And while Beauty Blueprint mostly caters to clients looking to grow in the industry, it also provides basic services to people looking for personal beauty advice as well. Such as, defining your personal beauty look, beauty tips and tricks, “How To” makeup lessons, and personal beauty shopping. Beauty Blueprint: Design Your Beauty.

Book a Beauty Blueprint appointment by emailing: brandy@bgdmakeupartistry.com

Who Is Brandy?

Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has been in the entertainment & beauty industry for 21 years. She got her start by working at Estee Lauder in New York. In 1997, in her second home New Orleans, she was on the team of the first M.A.C. counter in New Orleans. This is where this fashion forward maven, who loves makeup, made her mark. Brandy began to hone her craft as a freelance makeup artist working with beauty brands, fashion designers, TV shows, photo shoots, and speaking at women conferences.

She has worked her magic on celebrities including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Viola Davis, Kim Kardashian, Angela Bassett, Allison Janney, Jordin Sparks, Brad Pitt, John Legend, Paul Rudd, and Usher.

She now works for huge conventions such as; The Golden Globes, The Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Sundance Film Festival, and the OPRAH O! You Tour. Brandy is also the NBA All Star Weekend Key Makeup Artist since 2010.

Take a peek behind the glamorous curtain by following her blog; Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist, and on Instagram & Twitter, to find out how Brandy balances her professional and personal lives, and what her off-duty style is like. Contact Brandy at; brandy@bgdmakeupartistry.com for more details.

Teaching Makeup At Whip Salon In Connecticut


Today was the first of many makeup demo’s for Johnny Luoma at Whip Salon this month. Today’s makeup look that he will be doing is the No Makeup Makeup. Every Wednesday I will be observing Johnny makeup applications so that he can start doing makeup at the salon. Johnny took a makeup course at SONO Academy in Norwalk, CT so he’s coming with some experience.

Before coming to Whip Salon I was teaching Beauty Blueprint, it’s a 1-on-1 makeup class for upcoming makeup artists. I taught students artistry skills & the business skills of working in the beauty industry. The great thing about me teaching Beauty Blueprint was that I was able to offer this service online through SKYPE. So if someone living out of state wanted to take my class they could without the expense of traveling. Even if your a working freelance makeup artist in you want to figure out how to get more work in the industry I can help you do just that. With my 20+ years in the industry working with celebrities I know that I can give any hair & makeup person an insight.

For a short time I was also a Senior Artist for Sephora. I would certified makeup artists to do makeup on the floor, and teach to a large groups of makeup artists on new products & help elevating their artistry. I really enjoy teaching, helping upcoming talents to do what they love, hair & makeup. So with Johnny I’m so happy to help assist him with his passion of being a makeup artist. He’s going to do well once I’m done with him, he will be a high in demand artist, that’s my goal.


Another Fun & Sucessful Beauty Blueprint Makeup Class

Today was another fun full day of Beauty Blueprint Consulting, working with makeup artists Annya & Daisy, lifestyle blogger Ilse, and actress Danielle. Today criteria we focused on new pictures and their artistry…bold, natural, & a wet makeup look.

A lot of people go to makeup & hair schools, but nobody teaches them how to actually work the business side. Being a freelancer is not easy it can be overwhelming. I hear from talents that they really luv the beauty  industry but don’t want to just leave their day job because of fear of not being successful. My 20 plus years in the industry allows you to get work. Each person package is customize to fit their needs especially if you live out the Connecticut/ New York area. Skype is another way for me to help someone who lives miles away. If you know someone who want to pick my brain tell them about Beauty Blueprint Consulting.

So while the girls were setting up I had to sneak in a selfie

My diva lifestyle blogger Ilse wasn’t makeup ready so I’m hiding her face

I luv using L’OREAL Paris Elnett & Absolute HOT hair tools & products on set.

I’m trying to do Ilse hair but in the process she was feeling the song so she gave us a concert. I bet you didn’t know she had some rapping skills.

Back to doing hair using Absolute HOT hair tools

After a few hours of working hard it was time to feed my students. Bubbly is always a treat!

Back to work ladies…Annya is giving actress Danielle a new look for her book.

I wish I had the video camera rollin when Annya nailed putting the lashes on effortlessly

I’m in my zone thinking about something as I finished putting lipstick on

Now it’s time to start taking pics…great job Daisy!

I luv that my students are passionate …who said SCHOOL SUCKS

Beauty Blueprint Helping Makeup Artists Work In The Industry

Today I had the girls over to continue with our Women Empowering Women program & Beauty Blueprint. Annya & Kassie both need pics for their portfolio so we combined a few things in one day. We were able to focus on, what should be in your makeup kit, business side of the makeup industry, artistry, everything modeling, and photography. Even though Annya still have a few more hours with me but I felt she was ready to take the Ralph Lauren gig last week. She felt very prepared that made happy. Ilse & Daisy, I’ll see you girls next week.

I can’t wait to see how big Beauty Blueprint will grow in the beauty world. Once you get out of makeup school what’s next? What if you can’t attend a makeup school because it’s to expensive to move to NY? How can you learn how to work in the beauty industry? What if you didn’t go to a makeup school but you freelance, & you need advice on how to work in the industry? You want to leave your job in work as a freelance makeup artist but your scared, what do you do? This is why I started Beauty Blueprint.

Monday Motivation At Home Enjoying Life

I work hard so I can play hard. It’s really true. All of my makeup artistry experience, 20 plus years I worked my ass off so that I could one day relax at my home. So instead of taking a lot of trips to spend time at a public beach I just grab my bag, a big hat, flip flops, a drink in just walk down to the lake. No driving, right in my backyard I get to enjoy this.

So as I’m sitting here I’m thinking of a master plan to continue Beauty Blueprint & Beauty Happy Hour makeup classes. One class I teach up in coming makeup artists how to work in the beauty industry. My Beauty Happy Hour class is where I teach a group of women how to create a look of their choice. I’m just trying to organize myself in get more visual of both. I want to make sure I’m giving my clients the best info possible.

Beauty Blueprint Teaches Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists How To Get Work In The Beauty Industry

June 22,2016 | United States | 
The best part about Beauty Blueprint is that you can get information about your career without leaving home. Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists take courses but no one teaches them on how to get work.
New York, United States, June 22,2016 — Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis was recently in New York at MUD School speaking to young up and coming makeup artists and hair stylists about getting started in the industry. She gave the graduating class a snippet of what Beauty Blueprint, her new consulting agency, is all about. Brandy coached the MUD students on what it will take to become a successful artist in the field. There are so many bloggers showing how to create makeup looks and hair styles but their are no professional makeup artists or hair stylists who actually work in the industry showing and speaking to talent on how to get work and the industry.

Gomez-Duplessis stated that this is why she started Beauty Blueprint. She would get students graduating from a makeup school with certificate in hand but clueless on where to start, who to call, and what to do. Brandy wants others to book her consulting service even if they were in smaller towns and could not get to New York to meet with her. With all of the technology we have Gomez-Duplessis said consulting with her clients over Skype is the best way to do business, it’s still personal and intimate. The client can decide how often they would need her service. 
Brandy said when she started in the industry, she lived in New Orleans and didn’t have a manager or a publicist. She found her road on how to be a high demand makeup artist and wants to share tips, tricks, and best practices on what worked for her. I worked with so many A-List celebrities because I knew how to brand myself. So with Beauty Blueprint clients can now hire me to learn how to build themselves as a branded in demand artist or stylist.

Email Brandy if you would like to hire at: brandy@bgdmakeupartistry.com

Guest Lecture Speaker At MUD Makeup School

Headed to MUD, Make Up Designory School in Manhattan to speak to the students who will be graduating from the school. These are the up in coming industry makeup artists who’s work you will see gracing the covers of magazine, ad campaigns, music videos, etc. I’m just honored to have been invited to speak to the class. What I did for these students today, I could do everyday at this school because I love the beauty industry. Plus, I luv to help makeup artists who want to learn.

In the lobby

The school had this plaster around the building

Students at MUD

With Lisa Fairbanks, MUD Career Service Advisor

Getting a tour of the school