Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist In Connecticut Who Works In New York


img_8453-1Everyone always think my work life is glamxurious and it is but the most challenging part when I don’t have a driver is dealing with the subways in New York City.

So just like how I started my blog in 2007 for a small group of individuals, I was making these videos below for a family member. Then the light came on that my followers would enjoy seeing me going to work. I apologize for all the videos but hopefully you enjoy watching as you come along with me to work. I am going to try in do more videos let see where this goes. Maybe one day I’ll have a camera crew following me doing a show on “Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist”.

My alarm was scheduled for 4:45am and my train was for 6:15am. I live 22mins away from the train station so I have to be fast with hair & makeup. So I’ve gotten accustomed to getting everything ready the night before because in the morning I don’t have time to think about anything. I don’t drink coffee and I can’t have Redbull’s anymore because of my heart so I have to be organized. But once I’m up I’m pleasant I’m not a grouch.

You ready……

Usually on the train in the morning I’m taking selfies on the Metro North, I’m maybe reading my script, I’m going over my call sheets, listening to music and/or a self-help podcast.

Almost to Grand Central, this stop is Harlem 125th. When I get here I start freshening up my makeup.

Making sure I’m good before I walk away. I brought my Swiss Army bag because its smaller since I was only doing makeup on Nashelly Messina.

When I’m walking I need comfortable shoes on. I can’t do my heels anymore my feet would give me major attitude if I even attempt to do that. My FitBit is not going to be able to keep up with my steps today….BAM!

Wasn’t I just here at Grand Central? Days like this I wish we would have kept the NY brownstone.

Look how empty Grand Central is on a Sunday morning.

I guess I’m standing

Aww shit! I hate this part right here (singing the Pussycat Doll Song)

On a weekdays I have to be faster getting through this section, if not I’ll get run over…seriously!

The first thing I grab usually is my inhaler when it’s a lot of freaking steps. It all depends on the station.

I’m good now, being underground is a beast when I have my makeup kit which means always.

Since I’m 20mins early a stop at Starbucks for my signature; Iced Lemon Pound Cake and a Cool Lime Refresher. Nash lives across the street so I have time to relax.

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