I’m A Reiki Energy Healer Living In Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii Reiki Practitioner Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Yes, I am a Reiki Energy Healer living in Hawaii. With all of the powerful history of the 3rd Reiki Grand Master Hawayo Takata living here in 1937, I personally feel Oahu Hawaii is a perfect place to live and practice this spiritual art form.

I was introduced to Reiki by a nurse at my appointment with my Rheumatologist. She pulled me to the side because she saw that my doctor wasn’t understanding what my body was going through with Lupus, RA and Asthma. As soon as she place her hands on me, I instantly felt something. I didn’t understand it but I felt my body doing things. She explained to me to go home in relax. Well, I did the opposite. I went home, started dancing and having a good time. I haven’t felt good like that in years. I don’t know where that energy came from. My husband finally got me to listen and I showered and got in bed. By then we both were sitting in bed researching “REIKI” and everything I felt we were reading.

So time went by and I kept thinking about Reiki and what it did for me and how great I felt. Because I was mostly at this time on bed rest due to my health. I had the time to learn more on how I can receive this gift in my hands. I always knew I was an empath and that I always spoke to my Spirit Guides & Angels. Once they saw that I was ready to commit to this way of living they made the transition an effortless one. I started with completely changing my lifestyle, I got stricter with my diet, I was already releasing peers from my life so a few more I had to remove. Actually it’s not hard to do. When you start making changes you will see your peers separating from you as well.

Now I’m living in Hawaii, practicing Reiki on myself everyday. I’m going through my Spiritual Awakening and I’m now helping all of my Lupus warriors and other autoimmune warriors. I know what Reiki did for me and my body that I knew it’s my mission to help my peers. So I was happy doing just that.

Then in 2020, like everyone else was living in a pandemic and my guides shared with me that I needed to now help more people. That I am needed to use my gift for peers that is going through many life challenges. So before I started adding more energy to my body I needed to get myself as strong as I could because the energy is going to be different than what I was use to.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, Reiki Practitioner in Ko’olina Hawaii.

For me, being a Reiki Energy Healer is not a trend. It’s something that I’m passionate about. I always enjoy helping others and my Spirit Guides said you been saying you want to help, well we have a big task for you. I’m loving my journey. I wish my body could and would let me do Reiki on 10 people a day but I can’t. When the time is right, I will travel, I will speak at events and touch as many people that I can. My guides sends people to me it’s not forced. So when I do get clients from the mainland it’s because their guides connected that client to me.

I only offer Healing Touch Reiki sessions on Tuesday’s. I’m in town in Honolulu. You can contact me at brandyreikihealer@gmail.com

Namaste 🙏🏾

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