Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Teaches Everything Beauty With Beauty Blueprint

Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis and Kerry Washington at Sundance Film Fest

I get asked daily “How Did You Do It” as far as branding myself in the beauty industry as a Celebrity Makeup Artist without an Agent, Manager, or Publicist. After flirting with the idea of sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas with other makeup artists & hair stylists, I decided “Why not” share my beauty blueprint.

Beauty Blueprint.jpgBeauty Blueprint is a consultation service to provide answers, suggestions, and lessons on anything to do with beauty. My consultation will always take place through Skype or Facetime in the comfort of your own home. I’m excited about it because so many artists & stylists that are living in other states who do not have the budget to travel to meet with me will find this setup convenient. I remember when I started out, I didn’t have a mentor to guide me with the business side. A lot of the business women I looked up to were either in New York, LA, or Europe. I learned a lot of my business acumen through trial and error. I didn’t know what pictures to use in my portfolio, or on my own website. I didn’t know how and what to charge clients, or how to market myself. I wanted to work in the beauty & entertainment industry but had no clue where to begin. 21 years later I am sitting down helping others with their passion of being a successful makeup artists and hair stylists. This is their opportunity to pick my brain to learn what to do, even if they are already working but find themselves in a rut. I don’t just give someone a contact list of names, it’s a business. Clients can book time with me at their own pace, with questions that they have. If they want to just learn what items they need in their kit, how to do invoices, how to market themselves, or product questions, Beauty Blueprint can provide insight. The client is in charge with what they want to learn, no unnecessary curriculum. Each session is customized to fit each client’s needs. Makeup school teach how to do makeup but as a Celebrity Makeup Artist you are learning from someone who is in the business. I teach what a school cannot…experience, clients will learn first hand from a successful makeup artist.

And while Beauty Blueprint mostly caters to clients looking to grow in the industry, it also provides basic services to people looking for personal beauty advice as well. Such as, defining your personal beauty look, beauty tips and tricks, “How To” makeup lessons, and personal beauty shopping. Beauty Blueprint: Design Your Beauty.

Book a Beauty Blueprint appointment by emailing:

Who Is Brandy?

Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis has been in the entertainment & beauty industry for 21 years. She got her start by working at Estee Lauder in New York. In 1997, in her second home New Orleans, she was on the team of the first M.A.C. counter in New Orleans. This is where this fashion forward maven, who loves makeup, made her mark. Brandy began to hone her craft as a freelance makeup artist working with beauty brands, fashion designers, TV shows, photo shoots, and speaking at women conferences.

She has worked her magic on celebrities including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Viola Davis, Kim Kardashian, Angela Bassett, Allison Janney, Jordin Sparks, Brad Pitt, John Legend, Paul Rudd, and Usher.

She now works for huge conventions such as; The Golden Globes, The Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Sundance Film Festival, and the OPRAH O! You Tour. Brandy is also the NBA All Star Weekend Key Makeup Artist since 2010.

Take a peek behind the glamorous curtain by following her blog; Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist, and on Instagram & Twitter, to find out how Brandy balances her professional and personal lives, and what her off-duty style is like. Contact Brandy at; for more details.

After Hours Makeup Class:Learn How To Hightlight & Contour


Do you want to learn how to highlight and contour like a PRO? Here’s your chance, on Thursday February 2nd I will be teaching a new After Hours Highlight & Contour class at Whip Salon from 7pm-9pm.

What’s included:
– Learn to master the look of the moment
– Bring your own makeup bag & brushes, we’ll provide a mirror
– 2 complimentary drinks
– 10% off any Jane Iredale products on the night of the event

$50pp, space is limited. Email or call 203.442.6444 to book. Must pay in advance and be over 21 to attend.

Picture credit: Frederick Bad Boy Redbean Plunkett

This is my last makeup class at Whip Salon but I will still be doing makeup in Ridgefield, CT. If you are in need of a makeup artists in Ridgefield, CT and the surrounding Fairfield County area give me a call at 504.427.1169 and/or email me at:

Teaching Makeup At Whip Salon In Connecticut


Today was the first of many makeup demo’s for Johnny Luoma at Whip Salon this month. Today’s makeup look that he will be doing is the No Makeup Makeup. Every Wednesday I will be observing Johnny makeup applications so that he can start doing makeup at the salon. Johnny took a makeup course at SONO Academy in Norwalk, CT so he’s coming with some experience.

Before coming to Whip Salon I was teaching Beauty Blueprint, it’s a 1-on-1 makeup class for upcoming makeup artists. I taught students artistry skills & the business skills of working in the beauty industry. The great thing about me teaching Beauty Blueprint was that I was able to offer this service online through SKYPE. So if someone living out of state wanted to take my class they could without the expense of traveling. Even if your a working freelance makeup artist in you want to figure out how to get more work in the industry I can help you do just that. With my 20+ years in the industry working with celebrities I know that I can give any hair & makeup person an insight.

For a short time I was also a Senior Artist for Sephora. I would certified makeup artists to do makeup on the floor, and teach to a large groups of makeup artists on new products & help elevating their artistry. I really enjoy teaching, helping upcoming talents to do what they love, hair & makeup. So with Johnny I’m so happy to help assist him with his passion of being a makeup artist. He’s going to do well once I’m done with him, he will be a high in demand artist, that’s my goal.


After Hours No Makeup Makeup Class At Whip Salon

My first makeup class of the year is No Makeup Makeup. Tonight makeup class surprised me because we had 13 ladies attend. We can only seat 12 so to have 13 attend I feel like I must repeat this class.  I wanted to offer this makeup class because it’s a makeup look that the housewives can do on a weekday. It’s a quick real simple makeup look that can be done in the morning. My model for the evening was Kassie Blaze who is one of my makeup muse.

I’m obsessed with using Beauty Blenders for almost everything

Finished my No Makeup Makeup look on model Kassie Blaze

Introducing the ladies to all of the different style of Beauty Blenders that we carry

Teaching how to apply product in the crease of the eyes

Showing the ladies what makeup brush to use

Reminding the ladies that their Beauty Blender should be damp

Showing how to use a Beauty Blender to apply a cream blush

Some of the Jane Iredale makeup used to create a NO MAKEUP MAKEUP look

Thanks ladies for attending!


Holiday Glam Makeup Class At Whip Salon

I’m always so excited about my After Hours Makeup Class at Whip Salon. Tonight class was called Holiday Glam. I thought this would be perfect because many of you will be attending so many parties this month. Not everyone will be able to come see me so I thought this would be a nice way to help my ladies out.

Johnny did a great job as always greeting the ladies, making sure that everyone is taking great care of. Being an upcoming makeup artists this is such a great event for him to sit in on because he can now learn a lot of tips & tricks.My model tonight was Kassie, she’s such a sweet girl that I have taken under my wings.



Ready for our guests

Drinks are ready to be served
Makeup Free

Using Absolute New York brand new Highlight & Contour palette…I LUV IT!!!

You know I luv my shadow shields, had to introduce them to my class

Makeup is complete

What’s In Your Makeup Bag

Today my first “What’s In Your Makeup Bag” at Whip Salon was with Amy Conciatori Colamaria. She came in with her basket full of makeup & makeup brushes! Amy had some goodies, I was impressed. After going through her makeup bag we threw out some old things and I taught Amy how to use the products that she had by applying a full makeup application on her. I gave her lots of tips & tricks for her to use when she’s home doing her own makeup. What a fun 1 hour spent  with Amy. She’s awesome luv her energy/personality. Lots of Prosecco & laughter within that hour that I had a blast with her. Through the laughter Amy managed to write down a lot of the customize tips that I gave her for her under eyes challenge. I can’t wait to hear the feedback when Amy return to see if she walked away with learning at least 3  things.

Thanks Amy for booking an appointment with me, you are a GREAT STUDENT!

Learn From A Celebrity Makeup Artist How To Create A Smokey Eye

celebrity-makeup-artist-brandy-gomez-duplessis-and-kerry-washington-at-sundance-film-festLearn how to create the “Smokey Eye” look this Thursday, Nov 3rd at 7pm at Whip Salon in our AFTER HOURS MASTER CLASS with Brandy. Whip Salon’s Makeup Creative Director & Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is now holding tutorials the first Thursday of each month at 7pm to help you master various makeup styles while you relax with friends. Upcoming concepts include:

Thurs, Nov 3rd – Smokey Eye
Thurs, Dec 1st – Holiday Glam
Thurs, Jan 5th – “No-Makeup” Makeup – Achieving the natural look

What’s included:
– A tutorial from celebrity makeup artist Brandy – learn to master these looks of the moment
– Bring your own makeup bag, we’ll provide a mirror and face chart – you will learn to create your look with Brandy’s guidance
– 2 complimentary drinks
– 10% off any Jane Iredale products on the night of the event

$50pp, space is limited. Email or call 203.442.6444 to book. Must pay in advance and be over 21 to attend.

Whip Salon – #cutscolorsblowydrysmakeup #open7days


23 Governor Street next to Bissell Pharmacy in Ridgefield


Join Whip Salon’s Makeup Creative Director & Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis the first Thursday of each month at 7pm and learn a different makeup style, relax with your friends and look and feel fabulous! Upcoming concepts that you can master include:

Nov 3rd – Smokey Eye –
Dec 1st – Holiday Glam
Jan 5th – “No-Makeup” Makeup – Achieving the natural look

What’s included:
– A tutorial from celebrity makeup artist Brandy – learn to master these looks of the moment
– Bring your own makeup bag, we’ll provide a mirror, you will learn to create your look with Brandy’s guidance
– 2 complimentary drinks
– 10% off any Jane Iredale products on the night of the event

$50pp, space is limited. Email or call 203.442.6444 to book. Must pay in advance and be over 21 to attend.

Monday Motivation At Home Enjoying Life

I work hard so I can play hard. It’s really true. All of my makeup artistry experience, 20 plus years I worked my ass off so that I could one day relax at my home. So instead of taking a lot of trips to spend time at a public beach I just grab my bag, a big hat, flip flops, a drink in just walk down to the lake. No driving, right in my backyard I get to enjoy this.

So as I’m sitting here I’m thinking of a master plan to continue Beauty Blueprint & Beauty Happy Hour makeup classes. One class I teach up in coming makeup artists how to work in the beauty industry. My Beauty Happy Hour class is where I teach a group of women how to create a look of their choice. I’m just trying to organize myself in get more visual of both. I want to make sure I’m giving my clients the best info possible.

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