Teaching Makeup At Whip Salon In Connecticut


Today was the first of many makeup demo’s for Johnny Luoma at Whip Salon this month. Today’s makeup look that he will be doing is the No Makeup Makeup. Every Wednesday I will be observing Johnny makeup applications so that he can start doing makeup at the salon. Johnny took a makeup course at SONO Academy in Norwalk, CT so he’s coming with some experience.

Before coming to Whip Salon I was teaching Beauty Blueprint, it’s a 1-on-1 makeup class for upcoming makeup artists. I taught students artistry skills & the business skills of working in the beauty industry. The great thing about me teaching Beauty Blueprint was that I was able to offer this service online through SKYPE. So if someone living out of state wanted to take my class they could without the expense of traveling. Even if your a working freelance makeup artist in you want to figure out how to get more work in the industry I can help you do just that. With my 20+ years in the industry working with celebrities I know that I can give any hair & makeup person an insight.

For a short time I was also a Senior Artist for Sephora. I would certified makeup artists to do makeup on the floor, and teach to a large groups of makeup artists on new products & help elevating their artistry. I really enjoy teaching, helping upcoming talents to do what they love, hair & makeup. So with Johnny I’m so happy to help assist him with his passion of being a makeup artist. He’s going to do well once I’m done with him, he will be a high in demand artist, that’s my goal.


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