Monday Motivation At Home Enjoying Life

I work hard so I can play hard. It’s really true. All of my makeup artistry experience, 20 plus years I worked my ass off so that I could one day relax at my home. So instead of taking a lot of trips to spend time at a public beach I just grab my bag, a big hat, flip flops, a drink in just walk down to the lake. No driving, right in my backyard I get to enjoy this.

So as I’m sitting here I’m thinking of a master plan to continue Beauty Blueprint & Beauty Happy Hour makeup classes. One class I teach up in coming makeup artists how to work in the beauty industry. My Beauty Happy Hour class is where I teach a group of women how to create a look of their choice. I’m just trying to organize myself in get more visual of both. I want to make sure I’m giving my clients the best info possible.

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