Health: Lupus Warriors How Do You Prepare For Blood Work

Kicking off my week by doing my regular checkup, lord knows I don’t look forward to this but it’s so needed for the doctors to see how I am doing. How do I prepare for these days? Before leaving the house I make sure I have all the things I’ll need to make the rest of my evening easy. Like my meds next to my bed, a few slush or the frozen strawberry lemonade in the fridge from McDonald’s, my electric blanket turned on, and my favorite candles to help me relax in sleep. It takes a toll on me kinda like when I would do treatments. Because I’m anemic that much blood taken from me and fasting 8hrs before I do get a little weak.

Pray that I am getting better, I don’t feel like I am. Something is active I’m feeling weaker in weaker by the minute. I’ll keep you posted, I promise.

Blood work time

Extremely weak when I left

After the 5 poke we finally got something…then the first  vein blew

I have a total of 3 of theses on my arms


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