Beauty Blueprint Teaches Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists How To Get Work In The Beauty Industry

June 22,2016 | United States | 
The best part about Beauty Blueprint is that you can get information about your career without leaving home. Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists take courses but no one teaches them on how to get work.
New York, United States, June 22,2016 — Connecticut Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis was recently in New York at MUD School speaking to young up and coming makeup artists and hair stylists about getting started in the industry. She gave the graduating class a snippet of what Beauty Blueprint, her new consulting agency, is all about. Brandy coached the MUD students on what it will take to become a successful artist in the field. There are so many bloggers showing how to create makeup looks and hair styles but their are no professional makeup artists or hair stylists who actually work in the industry showing and speaking to talent on how to get work and the industry.

Gomez-Duplessis stated that this is why she started Beauty Blueprint. She would get students graduating from a makeup school with certificate in hand but clueless on where to start, who to call, and what to do. Brandy wants others to book her consulting service even if they were in smaller towns and could not get to New York to meet with her. With all of the technology we have Gomez-Duplessis said consulting with her clients over Skype is the best way to do business, it’s still personal and intimate. The client can decide how often they would need her service. 
Brandy said when she started in the industry, she lived in New Orleans and didn’t have a manager or a publicist. She found her road on how to be a high demand makeup artist and wants to share tips, tricks, and best practices on what worked for her. I worked with so many A-List celebrities because I knew how to brand myself. So with Beauty Blueprint clients can now hire me to learn how to build themselves as a branded in demand artist or stylist.

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