Beauty Blueprint Helping Makeup Artists Work In The Industry

Today I had the girls over to continue with our Women Empowering Women program & Beauty Blueprint. Annya & Kassie both need pics for their portfolio so we combined a few things in one day. We were able to focus on, what should be in your makeup kit, business side of the makeup industry, artistry, everything modeling, and photography. Even though Annya still have a few more hours with me but I felt she was ready to take the Ralph Lauren gig last week. She felt very prepared that made happy. Ilse & Daisy, I’ll see you girls next week.

I can’t wait to see how big Beauty Blueprint will grow in the beauty world. Once you get out of makeup school what’s next? What if you can’t attend a makeup school because it’s to expensive to move to NY? How can you learn how to work in the beauty industry? What if you didn’t go to a makeup school but you freelance, & you need advice on how to work in the industry? You want to leave your job in work as a freelance makeup artist but your scared, what do you do? This is why I started Beauty Blueprint.