Creating Makeup Videos At Work Today


Johnny turned a regular day at work today into a production set for me at least. He suggested that we do a new post for one of my makeup services at Whip Salon called “What’s In Your Makeup Bag”. So here my crazy self go in suggest that we also do a video showing what’s really in my makeup bag. My poor Dior cosmetic bag is so full that I can’t even zip it because I’m afraid that I’ll break it. But what is a girl to do, I can’t help how much makeup I roll with daily, lol.

So below you will see a few funny videos that I think you will luv. I had a blast filming with Johnny. He goes hard for all of this, that’s why we make a great team.



I have lots of goodies, do you use any of the products that’s in my makeup bag?

If you pay close attention you will hear Johnny say “Quiet On Set” luvvvvvv!!!! Johnny was my inspiration of making the video black & white because he had this Hollywood classic look going on. I wish you could appreciate his fashion today.

Stylist Erin is trying to imitate Queen B…feedback.

After a busy day of work this is how I unwind in just chill.

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