Entitled Beauty…Wait For It…Coming Soon

Yes, you read it correctly, Entitled Beauty is Coming Soon. My partner-n-crime Johnny Luoma and myself is finally ready to bring you our new adventure that most saw coming. With our love and passion for makeup, starting with the success of Makeup And Martini’s NYC  just two months ago we decided to move forward with Entitled Beauty.

Why the name Entitled Beauty? We believe that everyone is Entitled To Be Beautiful. We are here for ALL AGES, ALL SEXES, ALL RACES.

Let’s see what can I share with you about Entitled Beauty. 

  • Finest Mineral Based Makeup Derived From Earth’s Natural Resources
  • Highest Grade Ingredients
  • Designed With Sensitive Skin In Mind
  • It’s So Healthy You Can Sleep In It
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Compliant With FDA

Ok, that’s enough information but enough info to give you all an idea of what we are trying to bring to you.

I’ll be posting teasers all week until it’s time to shop before the holidays. So stay tuned for Entitled Beauty.

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