Long Wearing Foundation That Can Stand Even Stand The Caribbean Heat



Here comes the sun if your heading to the Caribbean this time of year. If you’re a makeup wearer the one thing we all hate is the feeling of our foundation dripping. If your anything like me, a person who loves full coverage foundation and have very oily skin then finding a really good long wearing foundation is a MUST. Sweat no more because I found us new foundations that can hold up  in any Caribbean weather.

Caribbean Posh Hurricane Relief

Last September Hurricane Irma hit the British Virgin Island and the entire island was destroyed. Caribbean Posh magazine was suppose to run this article inside the summer issue but everything came to a halt. Janette Brin, the Founder of Caribbean Posh has worked extremely hard to still release that issue with many more new articles to come. So for the next few days I will be posting all of the articles I written in that issue.  For Janette to still release the magazine it shows how amazing of a woman she is. This is why I am so proud to be the Beauty Editor for Caribbean Posh magazine. You can still donate to The Caribbean Posh Girl Project.

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