6 Swatches Of Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighters

OK Ladies, who said mineral makeup have to be boring? Well, not Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighters. Here are 6 swatches of what Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighters look like on my boogie down brown skin. If the lighter colors can show up on my deep skin tone then you know it can work on you if your a lighter skin tone than myself.

1st Picture from Top to Bottom; BLOW, SPLIT TEA, RESTING BITCH FACE

2nd Picture from Top to Bottom; PRETENTIOUS, LAVISH, SEDUCTION 

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Below are fun Boomerang so you can see more of them

9 Replies to “6 Swatches Of Entitled Beauty Spotlight Highlighters”

  1. My girl finally received her Entitled Beauty highlighters I gifted her with. She ❤️ them all! Thanks for creating great products 👍🏾

      1. So, if you have access to it you would buy? Also, what make you want to try new makeup lines? Do the products need to be worn by a celebrity first before you give it a try?

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