Fibroids And Polyps Are Health Issues Many Women Suffer With Including Myself

Heading To Do A Sonohysterogram

As scary as today is I actually have been waiting for this day. It’s the last of the testing that I have to do before REMOVAL DAY!. I have been having problems all my life with my menstrual periods. Beside 7 days of heavy bleeding like a crime scene, clots and horrible pains the last 2 months have been the worst I’ve ever experienced. Right after my periods I started experiencing these ovarian rupture cyst and if you had them before you know how horribly painful they are. Because I’ve gotten them so much I know what to do and wasn’t really alarmed. But the last one in July decided to not go away. I was feeling these pains regularly. Then all of a sudden I noticed that I was looking like I was pregnant and feeling like I was going to drop at home and at work. UHM Hello, I’m 48 about to be 49 in October. So what’s going on here. This is not normal. Everyday I was praying for the insurance cards to arrive cuz as soon as it does I’m heading to the damn ER.


Well, God heard me and the cards finally arrived. I was able to get an appointment at the Pali Women’s Health Center in Kapolei. They did the typical urine test to see if I was pregnant, but I knew I wasn’t.

Then they did a pap smear test. Because of what I was experiencing they sent me to The Queen’s Medical Center to do the 2 two ultrasounds the same day. So I headed over to the hospital and they performed 2 ultrasounds, an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. Now, I’ve had an abdominal ultrasound before when I was pregnant but never a vaginal ultrasound. So, that caught me off guard because I wasn’t ready for that shit.

Still doing regularly activity feeling like I was going to drop any minute.

Still no relief, I went back to my regular schedule, work and being in so much pain. Self medicating, with 4 ibuprofen and a cocktail every night. 4 days later I’m now spotting for 3 days straight. I called the Pali Women’s Health Center twice to see if the received any of my results. Plus, I wanted to know if it was normal that I was experiencing spotting. Once she placed me on hold to see if they received anything I had made my mind up that I was going to go to the ER at Queen’s Medical Center West. The receptionist came back in said the results did come back and she read to me what was on the results. I heard ABNORMAL and I freaked out. Thanked her and got my black ass off the phone. Told them at work I needed to leave for the day.  I called my husband as I walked to the car and he met me outside because his job is across the street from mine.


We went to the ER, that did the same ultrasounds, my luck and because it was the same hospital I went to 4 days ago they were able to compare them. I also had to do a CT SCAN with contrast. Because of my Lupus, I’ve done them before. That iodine that heat the body I’m not a fan of but I wanted them to do whatever they needed to do. After all the testing they gave me Morphine, Oh Lord! That shit had me so damn loopy. I don’t like feeling like that. I’m such a control freak that’s why and with Morphine I’m not in control of nada. Finally, they came back with info they found 3 large fibroid’s but wanted to do a biopsy in the morning.


I slept liked a baby, thanks Morphine. Then in the morning the biopsy was done with a Physician that the ER doctor set up the night before. That’s when I was told they see tumor tissues but they can’t see how many and how large. Sent me home with meds and after I finished all of the meds I can have a sonohysterogram done in Honolulu. I decided to take some time off from work so that I could take these strong meds to shrink the fibroid’s. I don’t function well on meds they make me feel crazy, walking around like I belong on The Walking Dead. Especially the pain pill, oxycodone.


Today is the day that I got to do the sonohysterogram at Kapi’olani Medical Center For Women & Children. With this test I was able to see everything on the screen above. The doctor was able to explain everything that was going on step by step. When he inserted the catheter and the saline water I wasn’t alarmed because he told me as he was doing it and I could see it above on the screen.  He saw the 3 fibroids that shrunk (THANK GOD) and he saw 2 tumors with one of them being extremely large. So now everything made sense to what I was experiencing and how my stomach was looking.

They explained that I would have some cramping and the leakage from the saline. So they give you a pad to put on. We talked about the 3.5 options on how to remove them and I already know what I want to do. But because of my Lupus, HBP and being anemic having a hysterectomy is not something he think I should do. If I could snatch them right out my body I would. But he thought I should speak with my OB/GYN to see what he think.

So, I’m sitting here patiently waiting, well I’m lying…I called him twice today and still no call back. He should have gotten my results by now, RIGHT?!

I look like I just went through something


I’m now home and let me tell you, by 7pm I was in full pain! I did my 4 ibuprofen and a cocktail and turned over on my side and was out like a light. I’ll definitely keep you all posted on what I decide to do. Trust me, they getting removed!

If you have experienced challenges with fibroids, polyps tumors, and bad menstrual periods, please share. Your experience might help someone that’s why I always share the good and the challenging.


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