Relaxing At Home After Going Through Pre-Op To Remove Fibroids And Polyp Tumors

img_0090I’ve been through my pre-op, now I’m home just sitting here patiently waiting for the big day. I have only been coming outside after 6pm when the sun goes down. The doctors told me to stay out of the sun and because of my Lupus I have to not get a lot of sun on my body without being covered.

I never had surgery so I didn’t know what to expect at the pre-op. For me it was broken up in 2 days. The first day was blood work and urine testing.

The second day was my pre-op clearance with anesthesiologist. About 2 hours of questions asking me about my health history then they did an EKG and another urine test. My doctor went over my lab work from yesterday blood work. It’s very detailed. Because I’m anemic my blood was a little low, it was a 10.2 and she need me to get it to 11.2 before surgery. So that meant eating a lot of protein to get my iron up. So that meant no processed food which is hard for me

Then I was sent home with special instructions such as;

Do not eat or drink anything (even water or chewing gum) after midnight.

Do not take aspirin or aspirin for at least 1 week before surgery. (say what, nah)

Avoid soda and alcohol (oh lord, this is all I drink)

Avoid sun

Bathe with the special Hibiclens wash they send you home with the night before and the morning of. Use clean soft towels, do not scrub just softly wipe and pat dry.

No makeup, no nail polish just on 1 finger (this was the hard part)

Eat healthy food drink 8 glasses of water a day (this was hard cuz I don’t drink water daily)

Brush your teeth four times a day and before bed

No smoking no street drugs no vitamins and herbal supplements (didn’t pertain to me)

Try to not get a cold/flu, fever, sore throat or cough. (this is why I had to stay away from people cuz of my Lupus I pick up germs instantly)



The best part about this down time is I’m able to focus of my future. I have been working a lot on my book because this entire experience has given me a lot to write about.


I also finished working on my blog and managed to get a nice nap with all this wonderful breezy coming through. The next time you will hear from is after the big day.

See Ya Bye & Luv U Mean It!

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