Lipsticks: Are You A Pink Lady Or A Cherry Bomb

Two lipstick shades that will always be classic on the red carpet are pink and red lip colors. Pink ladies, whose pledge is to act cool, to look cool and to be cool, til death do us part-think pink!. Many sassy and expressive actress like Jennifer Lawrence and music artist Katy Perry has been seen in videos, and in magazines wearing bright pink lips. Bright pink lipsticks are fun and youthful on everyone. It’s a great color for day and night. Plus bold pink lips allows you to wear a strong eye.
Now cherry bombs scream Hello Daddy! Hello Mom! I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb
Hello world I’m your wild girl, I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb. Daring and sultry ladies like music artists Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera are always seen wearing there signature red lips. Bold red lips is a lipstick color that makes you feel sexy. Despite misconception, every woman can wear a bold red lipstick. It’s dramatic, it’s flirty and it calls for a double take.
L’OREAL Paris Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks Fearless Fuschia and Bold Bordeaux are two fun shades that will be great on all skintone. The Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks are bold in color, creamy, moist, and hydrating to the lips. The best part about the Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks is it offers up to 10 hours of wear without drying your lips. So Glamxuriously spoil yourself with L’Oreal Paris’ playful pinks or rich reds, whether your a Pink Lady or Cherry Bomb…. you’re worth it.
Here are others non L’OREAL Paris pink and red lip colors that I luv.
Pink Ladies taglines are from GREASE 2
Runaways Cherry Bomb lyrics (J. Jett/K. Fowley)


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