A Lit Easter Egg Hunt With My Adult Kids


This is how we do it on Easter in the Gomez-Duplessis family. Since they were babies it’s been our family tradition to have a Easter egg hunt in the yard. Now that everyone is of age and this year is our last Easter together in our Connecticut home we decided to add a little libation to this egg hunt. This year concoction was made by my son, I saw Svedka Vodka, and Finlandia Vodka but I’m not sure of his mixture. It was actually DE-LISH!

After the egg hunt we sit at the table, we eat and drink while enjoying each others company.

Then watch a few movies outside. Usually the kids will pick a movie and hubby and I pick one movie. I don’t usually make it for the bonus one. Either I have fallen asleep 😴 💤 or I’m cleaning my kitchen. And it goes a little something like this….

Do you have any fun family traditions on Easter Sunday?



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