Today I’m Getting These Fibroids And Polyp Tumors Removed

img_1030The Big Day is FINALLY here! If you’re a woman who have experience women health issues I’m sure you understand my excitement. If you have a love one that is going through it with health issues then I know you understand.

I arrived at The Queen’s Medical Center at 7:30am to check in for surgery. I was brought up to the 2nd floor and they got me all prepped. All of my nurses were excellent with taking care of me and keeping me calm and relaxed.

At 9:30am I was rolled in the operating room, that’s when it got real when they had me say bye to my husband and son. The room was bright and so damn cold that they had to get me 2 more warm blankets. All I remember is moving from the stretcher to the table, the doctor placing the oxygen mask  over my face and feeling the cold anesthesia medication going through the intravenous line in my arm. I didn’t like how it felt, my body started shaking and I was out. The next thing I know is they were waking me up and I was crying because I was in so much pain and I could feel the water/saline/blood discharging.  They could not give me any pain medicine until I came all the way out of sedation. I kind of remember my husband feeding me a dry ass sandwich and helping me with drinking water.

Everything went well, of course… I’m on day 3 of recovering and I’m still in pain and heavy bleeding when I bend down or walk up in down stairs. I just need to get through this this week and I can’t wait to get back to my regular routine.



If you know any woman that is going through women issues like fibroids and polyps, please encourage them to go visit a doctor so they do not suffer with heavy periods, continuous bleeding after their periods, bloating and pain. It may not sound like it’s something serious but it is.

Women we have to start taking care of each other and stop acting like another woman challenge is her complaining.


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