One of my favorite Makeup Artist Pat McGarth

I LOVE THIS WOMAN…MAKEUP ARTIST PAT McGarth…when I was in Houston working at Jose’ Eber Salon I worked with this hairstylist who gave me an amazing compliment ever…he said to me “YOU REMIND ME SO MUCH OF THIS AMAZING MAKEUP ARTIST I WORKED WITH…HER NAME IS PAT MCGARTH…HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF HER…

my mouth opened because..HELLO…of course I have and luv and respect this woman and would love to one day work alongside her.

She works with MAX FACTOR and I work with L’Oreal cosmetics…FAITH…is all I can say.

Yes, I do sexy white PLAYBOY models

I get emails often if I know how to do makeup on WHITE GIRLS? Then I get, do you know how to do the PLAYBOY models makeup look? LADIES…I’m a MAKEUP ARTIST and faces are nothing but a canvas to me. I don’t care about race, weight, A-list D-list, I only care about painting your face.

Do you ever ask a painter if the brush strokes is different for a black person vs a white person? Do you ask a shoe designer if they designed the shoe for a Spanish girl or an Asian girl when you buy shoes at the stores? Of course not, so stop calling or emailing me asking me about me doing makeup on your race.

That bothers me so much!!! I think I will do a blog about something that was told to me over the weekend at a shoot dealing with race so check back tomorrow and enjoy the pics below.



*these guys are amazing. i know i did hair & makeup but these guys have great eyes and their work speaks for itself. i will be doing many more shoots with them after the l’oreal tour.

Kinda Scary Photo Shoot

I just did this photo shoot on yesterday and for the first time in a long time I didn’t like the talent I was working with to much. Baby Girl, was really feelin herself way to much. The talent manager (Mark) contacted me by phone to first let me know they needed to do a rush photo shoot. The shoot was for an up in coming model who needs picture for her trip to LA. So you know I’m excited to help.

The manager and I spoke by phone first and then we emailed each other a lot after. I sent my rates and my needs to do this shoot. I am very clear and don’t do shady or last minutes charges, not my style. So I’m thinking everything is a done deal since I confirmed and he confirmed.

I arrive at the hotel where the shoot was suppose to take place. Parked my car pulled out my makeup kit and bag with my lap top, speakers, credit card machine, lights, and other goodies I like to bring with me when I work. Anyway, I am in the lobby where they tell me to meet them and after 10 min’s I call the manager. He answer but said he had to move the location. I am so pissed off because he should have picked up the phone to call me …right. So, he told me that he will call back in 5 min’s with the new location. Because we never met I was getting a little concern. He calls back with a new location. The second location was not far but I did have to move my car and drive there. Of course this bill is getting added to his invoice…you know that right.

Get to the location this time a condo but nobody is downstairs waiting for me or anything. Finally, this wanna be looking LA country boy shows up and introduce himself. He wasn’t the manager just a friend of the manager and wanted to help me upstairs plus buzz me in. At this point I am on the phone with my people to see if I need to walk away from the assignment. We arrive on the 3rd floor and I am still on the phone. There is a set up and people everywhere but the manager or the talent is not in sight. The young man who brings me up to the condo shows me where they wanted me to set up. He finally tells me his name plus what was going on with the shoot.

Basically, Mark didn’t have enough funds and that he was trying to get the rest of the cash before the shoot started and before he got to far in debt. The shoot was 2.5 hrs late and when Mark arrived he paid in cash for the day rate, both parking charges and the overtime. The shoot went well after we were ready to start. The fashion stylist, the hair stylist and I met with this bitchy model who finally arrived to go over the looks for the day. Then the photographer joined us with his feedback on the ideas and we were able to set up and start after all the meetings. The photographer and the model did not get alone to well. She had her trashy look in mind and he had his porn ideas in mind.

The model was your typical PLAYBOY…ENTROUAGE extra…PLASTIC body with a Paris Hilton weave. From what I could see the pictures were coming out GREAT and she was giving us some crazy lip action. Hopefully, there is one pic that I could use in my book…hopefully. They did provide great music, and food was catered so I didn’t need my extra bag I brought with me.

The best part was getting paid cash so I didn’t have to worry about a check bouncing and I didn’t have to worry about safety or drug issues:))))

How Do I Look TV show on STYLE

Episode 714: Rebuilding Lives in a Stylish Fashion

How Do I Look? commemorates its 100th episode by giving back to a New Orleans school. Coinciding with the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, three professional stylists make over three deserving teachers who survived the storm–and help them pick up the pieces by rebuilding their wardrobe.
From Survival to Revival Makeover candidates Carla, Barbara and Kemberly have had their lives by the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. They have remained strong and have kept an open mind regarding what the future holds. These women do what they can to make things work. They are ready for a fresh start by making a positive change to their wardrobe. By doing so, they can reclaim their lives and help rebuild their city.

100th Episode: Rebuilding Lives in a Stylish Fashion

Wanna go beyond the clothes? Read on for a step-by-step look at the tools and techniques our experts used to help three Hurricane Katrina survivors shine.
For Kemberly’s hair, Pantene Pro V stylist Tippi Shorter cut her hair just past the collarbone with long, straight, graduated layers.
Kemberly’s makeup look was created by makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. She applied a rich cocoa and plum tone to the eyes, with pink cheeks and pale mauve lips.

Karen Hutchison, owner/stylist of the Urban Suite Salon, cut Barbara’s hair to the collarbone with long layers that frame the face and a short wispy bang.
Barbara’s makeup look was created by makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis. She chose brown and khaki green eyes with a pop of bright color on the cheeks and champagne-gold lips.

I’m In Love…and not with a STRIPPER

It’s been a few weeks and I am still in love with Los Angeles. I am finding myself day dreaming and feeling unmotivated and that is so not like me. I can’t think about anything else but L.A. Some days I find myself just wanting to cry and just wanting to pick up in leave New Orleans. I’m not feeling nothing about New Orleans anymore At one time that’s all I wanted was to return back to NOLA and rebuild my home and business “BGD BEAUTY BAR”. Now I am just ready to leave.

It doesn’t help that some guy has copied my entire concept of my store “BGD BEAUTY BAR” and is opening his salon with all of my ideas. He is doing the martini parties, setting up a lounge in his waiting area, using displays the same as mine, serving tini’s and using the same name for his themes. So after finding that out I feel like there is nothing left for me here. Maybe GOD is telling me something.

I don’t know but I know I am so ready to get out of here. I have never had a city put it on me like this. I have to snap out of it soon because I can’t keep feeling like this, it’s not healthy. I can’t wait to feel the air, lay out on the beach, go shopping on Melrose Ave and see all the pleasant people. I hope to go back to L.A. after I am done with the tour and maybe I’ll take my family with me for the weekend.

I’m just lost without L.A….JUST HEARTBROKEN

A Penis That Smells Bad

The topic was A PENIS THAT SMELLS BAD ”.

As we are coming down from “Ray’s On The River” club (*) said she was going to open her on lounge. (S) said good then I can dance on the table and (*) said NO my club is for sophisticated people only. And (*) said her lounge will be for classy and older people. That’s when (C) said that the men the penis must smell good and if not they have to leave or go to the back of the line.
That’s when (*) just fell to the floor on the elevator and we all just started laughing. That’s when I grabbed my camera out of my purse so I can capture the rest of the conversation. Mind you, we always talk about everything…so it’s not crazy to me at least that this was the topic. (C) said instead of a VIP line we should have a PENIS line. She said she don’t care about the color or the size of the penis just it must SMELL GOOD.

The entire night we had such a great time. Because my schedule is so crazy we never get to hang out much any more. I leave this month to go on tour with L’Oreal cosmetics so I have to party hard with my girls as much as I possibly can.

Just looking at the videos and pics you can see all of the different personalities.


Such a Sucky Day!!!

Yesterday was just a sucky day for me. I only had the two girls on my book’s but only ended just working on one since my son school had a mandatory meeting for parents & teachers about closing the school and making it a recovery school. My 11am client (WJ) is a long time eye lash & brow regular who has been coming to me for a few years so now I go to her. My second client would have been a new girl (KC) who was going to get eyelash extensions for her bridal pictures. But I had to cancel her due to the time the meeting was starting at his school.

celebrity makeup artist brandy gomez duplessis works on a model from houston texas at a photo shoot

I went to my regular spot to get a new brake tag for the car but Michael (my husband) never changed the personal info I couldn’t’t get the brake tag there. But they were nice about it and directed me to another place in Chalmette that do State tags. The lady said it should take u about 7 min’s to get there why it took me 15 min’s. It was looking like a road trip coming on. Finally, I found it, nobody was in line so the guy was able to put it on in 5 min’s plus in Chalmete they charge only $10.00 where in New Orleans they charge $20.00 plus a late fee. So I gave the guy a tip just $5 for lunch and headed to Downtown New Orleans.

The rest of the day I dealt with booking a model for a photo shoot in Houma, LA on this Saturday and I spoke with Andrea at L’Oreal Cosmetics about the dates of the tour. I told her to schedule me for a total of 22 days so she said she would call me back in the morning with confirmation about the hours and dates that I sent over to her. What they don’t understand is I am so use to working hard and long hours so 12 hour shifts 7 days a week is not really hard work…well at least not for me. Plus, I’m doing what I love in that’s MAKEUP. Also, I won’t have the kids to rush home to help with homework or cook nor clean so I know I can do it. oh I also ran a few errands for family members and picked the kids up from school. I tried to do a few emails but I guess they can wait…I’ll do them after the kids leave at 7 am.

celebrity makeup artist on the l'oreal cosmetics stagecelebrity makeup artist brandy gomez duplessis working at the l'oreal cosmetics mall tour

Since I got in late tonight I went to Super Cajun Seafood to get crawfish shrimp fried rice and sweet & sour chicken. I ran into two parents from my school and they both thanked me for speaking up at the meetings and as I explain to them I am speaking for all of the parents. My son school is mixed and we have lots of parents who do not speak English as well as their kids. In what piss me off is this corporate men who feel like they are so much better and they judge first so they assume they can speak to a person like trash because they don’t understand. So I get so angry that I just “transform” as my husband and son like to tease me. That happened at the meeting when I went against the Director from The RSD. Basically, what is going on is the school my son attends is a charter school. They funding comes from private company and now the RSD Director wants to take the building back after opening the school on August 13th. He will not say why he want the building but after doing some research and making phone calls I was not surprise with the info I gather. MONEY MONEY MONEY…it’s the New Orleans way. So lets close down a school where the kids are passing doing very well ranking high and fire all of the out of town teachers and teachers from different parish that came here to teach. Class rooms are small ranging around 15-17 kids per class with a second teacher aid to assist. Anyway one of the parents came over after seeing her at Super Cajun to catch up on what’s our next step as parents. Talked with her for awhile before I have my last talk of the evening.
My last meeting was with someone very close to me…my 15 year old daughter which was draining but I got through it with yelling…YEAH!!

So how u doing…GLAM life of a Makeup Artist!!!!

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

mercedes benz fashion week logo

mercedes benz fashion week logo

By now you must know that this week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC and I am so down because I didn’t get any assignment to work at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’m am upset with myself because this was a really big goal for me to complete and now I can’t scratch the shit off my “TO DO LIST”. This is why I don’t like to take breaks or stop in watch TV, do regular people things cuz I start missing out on opportunities.

Maybe I need to get a manager or something so they can do this shit. I am really feeling myself, I just knew my phone was going to ring u know. Who in the hell do I think I am, that somebody is going to call me and say “Hey BGD, we need you in NY, to work this week”. I really must think I’m the shit or something. It’s just this was suppose to be my year to work both NY & LA Fashion Week and have not gotten a call to do either. I am so at the point that I don’t care if I have to just clean brushes if it’s a paid gig with travel paid for I would take it and a heartbeat. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in L.A. is not til Oct 14, 2007 the day after my B-DAY so I do have some time.

I know one thing I need to get on my shit!!!
Ok I’m going to pray real hard about FASHION WEEK. It’s not over till the fat lady sang’s right…pray hard enough something well happen…u think?

So how u doing…GLAM life of a Makeup Artist!!!!

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