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I got all confused on how to do this that michael got a good laugh out of it.
I didn't know what to do and was sending the wrong thing girl let me get my
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GLAM life of a makeup artist…where are u?

This weekend was kinda busy but isn’t it always. I had my meeting with Xavier Cabo who is my new web designer. Just doing a last minute walk through before the site goes LIVE. I am so excited….FINALLY!!!I have met with so many people who claim they can design a site and all of them was a piece of shit. I hate when people say they have a business and don’t know the first thing about running one. Just coming up with a name and making cards don’t make you a business person. Anyway, I had to get someone from Europe cuz these lazy ass people here don’t want to work.

One of my favorite regular clients need me…Mrs Doris Hicks…this women is FIERCE. Love her so much. Very east coast personality she just says it and move on. Had a few more people for eyelash extensions.

I had to do my first assignment in Baton Rouge and the weather was not working with me this morning. The shoot was so damn early and bad rain, cold and fog does not mix well at least for me. As usual I was the first person there and then maybe 20 mins later the marketing company shows up and the client was about 1.5 hrs late. The owner of the marketing company was sick and was not in the mood and didn’t like the location and decided to cancel the assignment. I’m just sitting in the green room already unpacked makeup laid out all the curling irons, flat irons and etc all plugged in. I can hear him on the phone with the client who does not want to cancel the shoot so they go back in forth about it. I’m just sitting in the directors chair looking at all this shit I have to put back and then he comes in and said it’s back on. Now this client is someone that I worked with a few times and every time we worked together he flirts and carry on. Because he’s a big doctor here in Louisiana I don’t want to say his name not for him but more for his wife. Because I know how he is going to behave I am more prepared for it and the marketing company know so they have someone in the room with me the entire time. The first time we worked together he got really out of line but he has calmed down a lot now because I want take his offers.

So now I head back to New Orleans for my second assignment. My girl Mel event was on Saturday her dad is in the President of The DUKES organization and they were having there ball. I had Mel, her sister and her mom to do. Why just why Erin didn’t do this girl hair. I am so disappointed with her right about now. You can’t just not book somebody in don’t show up. This is why I don’t like helping people. They ask for the work they and when the work comes they run. I understand that everybody is not as passionate as I am about what they do but still be professional. So Mel at the last minute has to look for a hairstylist on such a big day like this. Wait until I find her. I’ve been trying to reach Erin while I was working in Mexico and she hasn’t called me back so I know Mel was telling me the truth.

After that Michael, Star and I go out to eat at Juan Burritos and get drinks cuz I needed it. I was so tired that I only had 2 frozen margarita’s…can you believe that?

Glam Life of a Makeup Artist

Busy Schedule

This is my last thing for the night…I am exhausted and have come down with a cold. Being world wide makeup artist I guess I have to learn to take care of myself. Since I’ve been back from my last assignment I have been working nonstop…but I’m not complaining…shit, cuz it can get slow quickly. Let’s see I did this shoot with an ex Saints player who is now a photographer in New Orleans. He was shooting one of the 2008 Mardi Gras retail posters that will be sold all over Louisiana and other markets. So that was exciting just a little something that I don’t do often. Painting a mask on a model face honestly was challenging but I did what I do. That’s what I told the client since they flipped it on me from doing glam makeup to painting a mask. They asked after they changed do you think you could do the same look as a mask. I said, I’ma do what I do.

Carlton called me while I was on set about doing makeup for Offbeat Magazine the next day. He was shooting the cover so I went over to him for 1pm but come to find out I needed to be there for 2pm he forgot to call me to tell me they moved it back. So I basic set around and looked through the pics from Mexico. The editor and staff showed up about 1:30 and the model and her family came in about 2:15 so I had to hurry to do her makeup to make it across town for 3pm.

Received a lot of phone calls and had some emails to return when I got home. My web site is almost done worked on that for an hour sending the last of the revised info to Xavier who is still home in Europe. Because of the time difference it took us a minute to complete. Booked myself 4 weddings tonight…not to bad. Had a young lady asking about her Feb 09 wedding and I still need to respond to a bride who is getting married on Valentine Day next year.

I talked to Aaron last night about the photo shoot next month in Houston. He wanted to do something else with the title. It wasn’t popping enough and he’s right. It needed something extra so I told him to go with name for the shoot “BGD GLAM SUITE”. All girls likes that name so we knocked it out fast just a few phone calls back n forth, done. Plus Aaron knew that I wasn’t feelin well and wanted me to get some rest.

Let me tell you my schedule is busy again and I still have to get through Mardi Gras, All Star Weekend, BGD GLAM SUITE, and the L’Oreal Tour. And my goal is to drop 15 pounds by Feb 5th. Invites are already coming in for balls so I have to get the weight off fast.

So I am out for the night the thera-flu must be kickin in.

Glam Life Of A Makeup Artist

GLAM Life of a Makeup Artist

Trying to be world wide…my black ass came down with a bad cold. But I had a great time doing it. The Planet Beach team and the owner Steve they party hard…like rock stars. The group that I was with The Marketing/Creative Director and PR made me feel like a part of the staff. But did I say they party. Cozumel was beautiful the water aqua blue and white sand how could I say no to this gig. Now you know I should have known better but I didn’t put any sun block on so I am feelin it. Face and arms burned I’m really colored now…

I am adding pics so you all can see how FAB I look. But working next to those tiny girls I need to only eat sunflower seeds the rest of the month. All we did was eat and drink and it now shows. But everybody else thought I was cute…the staff on the ship named me HOLLYWOOD. Overall, the trip was BAD ASS luv being treated well and I was able to produce so good work.

As soon as I got off the ship I had to route to Florida to work an assignment. So no time to rest living the life of a makeup artist in demand.


I am not trying to take KIM KARDASHIAN man…REGGIE BUSH

Baby Girl don’t have to worry that BGD is trying to take her man. I was just doing my job. Now I took cared of him for Kimmie so he would look good on his pics again just doing my job:))) CLOTHES, HAIR, MAKEUP just doing my job:))) See you all are acting like that show GOSSIP GIRL, he’s not my type and you know that boy don’t like black women. We do have 1 thing in common we both like PRETTY people:)))) And I like Kim Kardashian…I actually saw her at Fred Segal when I was in LA in August 07 and they were filming I guess for the show. She is really a pretty girl but I don’t get why she’s hated by women. Just about 95% of women are running around unnatural with hair color hair relaxers/perms/extensions, wearing makeup, getting nails, get facials, and I can go on. I am in drag everyday…so what. That’s another blog, shit. So why hate on KIM KARDSAHIAN?

The entire assignment was cool, being in the jet was my first time. He’s a sweet kid and would work with him again. Reggie was very professional and he even talked and smiled with me. Cuz I was crazy and my ass kept it how they say on the street…”KEPT IT REAL” with him. He wanted to take pics, I don’t know why he was smiling and he wanted to sign my book…I think it was something like…To The Best Makeup Artist or To My Makeup Artist…I don’t feel like going get it. He knew I had to get my hustle on and pimp the hell out of me working with him. Other than that I didn’t get out of line not my style and he didn’t either. Not see that Football Player BRETT FAVRE…he had me blushing. I liked him…see for yourself!!

STOP BEING BAD…Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist


Movin On Up like a big time MAKEUP ARTIST

Yes Lord…on Wednesday morning I get a call from the Marketing staff over at Planet Beach about working with them on an upcoming photo shoot for 5 days in Cozumel, Mexico. I’m like yes in deed…GOD has heard my prayers on New Years when I was talking to him while I was trying to fall asleep.

Once we went through if I was interested we spoke about getting me a current passport that they will pay for. So I rush to kinkos located downtown about 25 mins from the house with my son to take a picture. You know I had to make sure I looked cute right:))) And the lil guy and the girl working in that department thought I was kicks. Do that which took about a total of 8 mins head to 1 Canal Place the government office to get the passport. But was told I was to late and needed an appointment. You know I used my charms and was able to get it right. But had to return at 11:30 to get pick it up.

So this is the deal…I will be on the Carnival Fantasy Cruise working 2 days and party the 3 days. It will be 2 girls and 1 guy only. They invited me to attend the staff cocktail party that Monday night and then Tuesday night I can attend the Captain dinner with them so I need 1 casual dressy item and 1 formal item. I will be working 1 day on the cruise and the second day will be on the beach. They are paying for everything except my cocktails but that’s ok..I think I can handle that.

So now I have to starve my black ass for the rest of the days until I get my ass on that ship. See this is what I’m talking about starting the New Years off big time. And when I come back I have to be in Florida that next day for a photo shoot.

I thought I told you that I won’t stop… who I got that from..u know who…I got it from DIDDY:)))

You know pics will be posted as soon as I return.

Now that’s what I’m talking about…GLAM Life Of A Makeup Artist!!!



WOW…Girls, it’s 2008 and it went fast as soon as I moved back to New Orleans my life has did a 360 for the best. So much has happen and I felt I have grown so much. Can you believe it at my age I am still growing and learning. My hubby and kids are also doing well especially my teen daughter. She’s growing into herself and she actually have a cool personality. Any spare time I had I made sure to spend with the family planning creative things to do as well as fun family trips. Being on tour and away from them any time I spend fills like I just won the lottery.

I’ve met so many amazing people in my career and lost relationships with family…that’s the sad part. Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy B and hairstylist Ruth Roche gave me great tips and thought I had it and was ready. My real friends are still in my life and we have gotten stronger but that’s real friends.

With all the crazy killing in New Orleans only one person in our life was killed and that was Officer Dukes who also built our home so you can only imagine how hurtful that’s been plus he and his wife was shot in their home on my birthday.

I did lots of traveling and flying in jets with Reggie Bush like I’m VIP or something:))) My schedule got so busy that I didn’t have enough time to write in my blog but that’s a great thing…it means I’m busy right? So that’s why I always tell people that my career is very important to me so I don’t have the time to talk on the phone, or gossip, or do things that will hurt my career. If it’s negative energy I don’t want any of it near me at all. Cuz the minute I entertain it negative shits happens to me and I don’t like it at all.

So with all that said I am so ready to do it bigger and my resume upgraded me and I am only able to go to the top. Let it be known I am going to FASHION WEEK this year…I know GOD heard my prayers so he’ll let me know and when he does I’ll let you all know.

Inside the life of a makeup artist…I’m really doing it:)))

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